VKontakte: the Russian Facebook now accepts Bitcoin

Vkontakte is unknown to much of the western world. It is actually one of the top 500 sites in the world in the Alexa ranking. To be precise, the eighteenth.

It is the most widespread social network in the russophone world. Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Kazakhstan among the countries where it is more used for a total of more than 470 million users in December 2017 and incomes for about 250 Million Dollars. The platform was founded in 2006 by the entrepreneur Pavel Durov, and has maintained a significant diffusion in the former Soviet sphere.

Today the announcement that as payment of the advertising, VKontakte will also accept cryptocurrencies. In particular, it will be possible to use Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

“Soon [in addition to the payment of advertising] users of all our social networks will be able to make and receive payments through all our platforms in cryptocurrencies” declared the staff of the Mail.ru Group.

The Russian group, in fact, is now the current owner as well as the mailing service of the same name, of the social VKontatke from which will start the acceptance of the cryptocurrencies, another minor social widespread in the former Soviet area Odnoklassniki, the Moi Mir platform, maps.me GPS application and ICQ instant messaging service.

The group Mail.ru, with this amount of participation in the social and tech world is the counterpart of Facebook for its extension in the former Soviet world.