Tron: the maybe competitor of Facebook and Youtube

Tron (TRX) is a mixture of big bluff or big mass revolution.

What does Tron do? It aims to “build a global free entertainment system based on blockchain”. The Tron platform will allow every user to publish, store and own data of what he publishes. An all-encompassing social network, from data exchange, to chat, to social networking to sharing data, videos and music.

Tron will be a DAPP platform. The difference with the giants that today are leading this sector lies in the fact that information, exchanges and purchases within the platform will not pass from a central authority or from a single company, but will be managed independently by users themselves with smart contracts. Smart contracts allow one-to-one information and data exchange, without a central authority having to “funnel” all data and information on the social network.  An alternative and safer way to avoid episodes such as that of Cambridge Analytics.

Justin Sun, born in 1990, Chinese. He has a Masters degree from the University of Pennsylvania, founder of Tron.

The 28-year-old Chinese Justin Sun (pictured) came up with the idea. In the world of Cryptocurrencies Tron continues to be a project debated with numerous detractors and supporters initially limited but gradually increasing. Surely, his CEO has been able, also because of his young age, to attract a lot of attention. For example, on his Twitter profile, he is in the autobiography of being the only Millennial in the university founded by Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba.

 Although Tron is not the only startup that has exploited the “magic moment” of the blockchain to try to stand out with the idea of ​​creating a new alternative social network, today is certainly the one that has attracted more investment on the bases of this purpose . The cryptocurrency market, in fact, shares the relative cryptocurrency (TRX), as the 13th most capitalized in the world.

The problem? To date, Tron does not exist: everything is based on the will of this revolution which, it is said, could be a serious competitor of Facebook and Youtube. But up until now Justin Sun has only dealt with selling his idea and attracting investments. A white paper and a lot of expectation, nothing more, is what has allowed an idea that seemed at the limit of the scam, to take shape and foot.

Something as if Facebook had become famous already when Zuckerberg came up with the idea and even before writing the algorithm.

What happens on March 31, 2018? Finally a test version of Tron will be published. On the site of the Tron Foundation a huge countdown towards March 31 runs inexorable. And yet the relatively small Criptocurrency market seems to have high expectations: in a rather weak phase the TRW Crypto-Trade is making giant strides compared to the others.

It will be the first real test of that idea only written on paper that until now has been able to attract almost 3 billion dollars in investments. March 31 could represent such an important moment for Tron to decide whether to consecrate it in the Olympus of the world of decentralization, or relegate it to one of the many Scam projects that characterize the world of blockchain.

Beyond the Cryptocurrency and the Tron system, however, the clear message that comes is that an alternative to the big global companies that today manage the data of billions of users, there is. And it goes through decentralization and smart contracts. The first that will succeed in spreading it could benefit immense benefits.