Soros and the Rockfeller: sharks finally enteryng crypto circus

So, after having denigrated them as much as they could, those who are labeled as sharks of finance by the mass, now are ready to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The first is the much vituperated George Soros, an elderly financier who only a few months ago called cryptocurrencies a simple “bubble”. The manager of his personal fund, Soros Fund Management, Adam Fisher, said that his group of speculation is preparing to finally enter with trading positions in the   cryptocurrencies sector.

The second “very big” finance that just today, April 8th, declared that it will also enter the circuit of the Cryptocurrencies, is the Rockfeller family.

Proponents of the rampant growth of  New York in the decades ago, today their Venture Capital fund, Venrock (name that recalls “Venture” and “Rockfeller”), will invest in Coinfund. Which is an investment fund in the technological world inherent in the cryptocurrencies and related technologies.rock crypto

Venrock was among the financiers Apple, AppNexus and StrataCom.