PayPal bans Cryptocurrencies: the devious fake news

During the last few days, many PayPal users have been sent an email with which the American payments company would have communicated that anyone “using PayPal to buy Crypto, would have been expelled from the service, according to the new Legal Agreements”.

The mail has all the characters of a fake news. In fact, in the legal agreements, there is no reference to the cryptocurrencies or to the ban on their direct sale with traditional currencies via PayPal.

Moreover Pether Thiel, founder of Paypal, has always proved to be a supporter of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

Also note that the email is sent from an address apparently very similar to the original, but that is not the official one. The official general Paypal email is indeed The one of sending the last few days is

This is the title of the message appeared in the account (here we provide what we also received as Italia Criptovalute):


This, however, the text of the email:


A fake news, in the specific case defined as FUD, which subtly and fraudulently undermines the image of cryptocurrencies. Who will be behind it? The news seems to have passed under track, reported only by some online sites, but its effects could be very negative on basic users.