How it feels to go for a Crypto Hamburger in Barcelona

March 26th, 2018. 

In Barcelona, during winter, you can also find rain and no parties around La Rambla. Yes, it is. But still the city is beautiful. Despite being a metropolitan business centre, from the centre to suburbs everything is ordered and clean. 

Catalan flags decorate hundred of balconies demonstrating the sense of belonging to a cause we cannot really understand, but that looks very charming.

But what a cryptocurrency lover in his days off could manage to do? Find some Cryptocurrency stuff there! There is a solid despite small ecosystem in Catalonia about cryptocurrencies. If the Spanish Government plans to give some tax exemption to companies who invest in blockchain, in Catalonia the dream of independence made possible the creation of a Catalan cryptocurrency, Croat

View of Barcelona Food and Beer from the street

On Monday evening we had to go dinner somewhere and that was the best occasion to enter a place that advertises a lot the possibility to pay with Bitcoin and Croat.


Barcelona Food and Beer is in Aragò, a main street in the centre or the Catalan Capital. Close to many other shops and restaurants of good quality, under a beautiful building you find his lighting entrance with the BCN logo and a red star.

The pub logo you can find on the entrance

We found it on the Croat website as affiliate pub.

We entered this restaurant we could define minimalistic and industrial designed.

More than 100 people could sit there, the ordering system is intended to make everything fast: you have a menù in which you can tick the dishes you choose and then give the paper to the waiter. 

Probably a system necessary for such a capacious place.

Entering at 8.30 pm, quite early for Spanish dinner, by the way, we could enjoy more attention from the waiters and relax in a wooden table. Close to us, an interesting table of mixed Asian and Mediterranean people.

The front page of the Menu

We will discover later, thanks for an eccentric Japanese looking and Spanish speaking guy this was an intercultural exchange among Spanish and Japanese people.

Looking at the menù, payments with Bitcoin and Croat are all about covered, you can find this service advertised on the front page.

We order a beer and a pork burger.

La Nina barbuda. That’s the name of a Brown Ale Beer with 7% Alcohol strictly Made in Barcelona.

Time for having our just-in-time cooked burger was quite fast and we could enjoy a nice meal in a relatively quite place for being in Barcelona.

La Nina Barbuda. The Catalan Beer we drank

The special Catalan sauce made a normal quality pulled pork so fatty and tasty and full of flavours we finished it in a while. 

A 7° beer was perfect to filter everything. Those guys have very cool beer selection!

As finished the dinner, we paied our very honest 10,30 Euro and we asked the cashier if we could talk with an owner, but was not inside. Politely this bright english-speaking guy refused a video interview but we managed to make some questions useful to understand how the service is going.

  • How many people talk or ask about CROAT and Bitcoin?

We have many people asking information about them

  • How many of them effectively pay with it?

Really a few of them.

  • Which is the main reason?

I don’t know. But still is difficult also the creation of prices: everyday we have to change them, and sometimes is profitable, sometimes is not.

  • Ok guys, see you next time!

See you!


So…how it feels to eat a Crypto Hamburger in Barcelona?

Quite Good. This experience and the words or the cashier demonstrated that Bitcoin payments as a service work as a way to attract people and curiosity. Above everything at this stage is a marketing stuff!

The service is still quite limited and for sure further steps need to be done in terms of commercial policies inside pubs like this one. For example, here the service is very well advertised, but how much a customer is going to pay in Bitcoin or Croat? The same price of the one in Euro converted for that daily conversion rate? If we didn’t ask anybody would have told this.

We need to thank a lot those guys that are trying in Barcelona to make Cryptocurrencies a matter of ordinary life. Their pioneristic view is what the entire system needs to stop being considered only a financial matter, but to start entering ordinary life.

See you next time, Barcelona Food and Beer!