Google: no more interest in Crypto

Trump duties, thaw with Kim, interest rates, Italian political elections. The press and the media seem to have abandoned cryptocurrencies, and with them the frenzy of so many newcomers to discover this technology.

Moreover, the weak market leads away the novices not used to panic – selling.

And so, again, the value of cryptocurrency market (to date, March 9, around $ 355 billion of total capitalization) follows the search trends of the related terms on the main online search engines.

Although expanding, the cryptocurrencies remain a niche market, strongly subject also to minimum news and influences. And the power of the web, today, leaves no way out. Without mediatic tam tam, remains difficult to convince new users of a new way to exchange value around the world.


Google Trends – Line indicating searches of the term “Bitcoin” in the last 12 months


Google Trends – Line indicating the search of term “Cryptocurrency” in the last 12 months