Google crusade against crypto: forbids mining extensions

James Wagner, Chrome’s Extensions Platform Product Manager, is the umpteenth star of the crusade of the big internet companies against the cryptocurrencies.

Yesterday, April 2, he published this post on Chrome’s blog, announcing a further close to the world of cryptocurrencies.

The web store of Chrome since yesterday, April 2, will no longer accept downloadable extensions for Cryptocurrency mining. According to Wagner, the reason is that 90% of the mining extensions on the store were then removed because they do not comply with the basic informational information criteria of the end user in terms of energy consumption and resources of computer.

Wagner also published this chart, in which he shows how a PC on average disproportionately increases the activity of its CPU due to hidden mining software, thus slowing its performance without the user’s knowledge.


With this announcement, Google wants to reduce the risks for its users to install extensions that work without their knowledge, exploiting the power of a single computer.

The post reassures users instead of the fact that the extensions inherent to the blockchain will not be limited in any way.

If the crusade of Google, Facebook and everyone else is successful, it will be time to tell us. Meanwhile, it is certain that a boost of greater honesty would do very well to the world of cryptocurrencies.