Google and Facebook: the reason behind Crypto total war

The war started in January with Facebook. Now Google drops its Pearl Harbor attack to the Crypto world.

The announcement of ICO and Criptocurrencies advertising ban in the systems of the two most powerful Internet companies in the world, certainly has a humanly understandable and socially useful side: to avoid poor citizens from squandering their capital in often fraudulent investments (ICOs which are scam or CFD with a very high level of danger).

But there is a deeper reason behind this ban: who today has more control over our lives and our personal data than the same national states, can not leave room for something that has no central control. Nobody can buy the guide and the Government of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Neither Facebook or Google with their Billions of dollars. And not even one day, Amazon.

Of course, they could also create their own Crypto. But why do not they throw it? Because with a Cryptocurrency “supported” by Google or Facebook, they would make this system of payments immediately superstructure mainstream. If the two main systems through which we live the web “legalize” the cryptocurrencies, these would seriously risk replacing the old concept of fiat currency.

At a time when the G20 is racing to stem the avalanche of the spread of Bitcoin and ICO, the game is not easy and the war begins to get serious.

And it is to be expected that after Google and Facebook other Internet giants are called to similar tests of force against cryptocurrencies. If only one of these should endorse the existenceof Cryptos as an instrument of exchange, for the state currencies (after millennia) very dark moments could come.

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