Bitcoin under control by 104 Italian prosecutors after CODACONS issue

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Italian CODACONS (coordination of associations for the defense of the environment and the rights of users and consumers) has asked 104 Italian prosecutors to activate checks and controls on websites that propose the sale of Bitcoin.

As reported from ANSA press agency, the association asks for a verification of the prosecution on who materially issues Bitcoin and on sites that promise tricks and strategies to obtain easy returns from this investment. They also want to understand how to protect savers from sites that do not clarify the risks involved in investing in Bitcoin.

It is not yet clear how the Italian prosecutors will move, certainly an effort to limit the potential scams and marketing of puppet consultants can help many not to lose money by being mislead. Several times in our articles we have denounced pyramid schemes and very strong risks in getting into the hands of noblemen to manage their investments.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is today a technology that has passed the embryonic stage, and thinking of stopping its growth is totally unthinkable.