What FUD means

Come on, if you are into cryptocurrencies you have read about FUD many times. If you don’t know what it means, here is the explanation.

How many times have you read FUD about untruthful news? The acronym stands for Fear (Fear), Uncertainty (Uncertainty), Doubt (Doubt) in English. It is used to describe a defensive marketing technique. When a competitor launches on the market a more competitive product than his own, which you can not keep up with, you use the FUD technique. Or informally spread untruthful news that tend to instigate doubts and put others’ product in a bad light.

In this sense, FUD is also used in the world of cryptocurrencies, about posts, comments and articles that tend to discredit a specific AltCoin in a veiled way. Without however justified bases or foundations. An information called to be FUD is information that is created ad hoc to create discredit.